The mine network will be 15 years old in 2015: a good reason to celebrate a good birthday party!!

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That is why we want to put the Network itself in the center of the International Mother Centers Day on 10.10.15 and not one country as usual. 'We are different, but we are united by the same voice' is the motto for 10. 10. 2015. How can that be better expressed than through dance and music, symbolizing energy and movement.

Don't worry you do not need to make a complicated choreography! As usual the time is short (my apologies) but you will manage somehow. Because every country has its own way of experiencing and expressing music, there is space for your own ideas.

During the last network meeting of mine in Nitra, Slovakia, it was clear how important it is to experience the daily life. We felt how we depend on each other and how we all try again and again to make a better world, step by step.
If you see the news it seems that the daily life of mothers all over the world is not getting any easier. Basic human rights like clean water and a roof over your head is a hard struggle for too many.

The mine network has exchange and interaction between cultures in its DNA.
Peer learning an meeting face to face is so normal for us. As a network, we can celebrate in this anniversary year 2015 our long work, our diversity and our exchange between countries. This voice connects!

A good basis for a celebration and bring along your environment in this celebration.

To get in contact and stay in contact, isn't that what dancing expresses so nicely?

If you copy the link below in your browser you can download an MP3 file with three pieces of dancing music on it. We invite you to use this music on Saturday 10.10.15 for the International Mother Centers Day celebration. Invite everybody in and outside your Mother Center to join in on a dancing activity to this music, knowing that all over the world in all other Mother Centers everybody is dancing as well at the same time to the same music. It will be a joyful and festive way of celebrating
(the music is also in the mine strategic materials dropbox)

About the music: The link gives access to music, selected in such a way that there is something in it for everybody. It is three different pieces, that have character and rhythm.

The first piece can be used for movement on the floor or sitting on chairs. You could give around or roll around different balls.
the second one is a folkloristic piece of music that is easy to catch. It fits well with different paces. You could dance in two circles that move clockwise and counter clockwise. You could dance in pairs and try making turns.
The third piece is quick and invites to move, walk, turn, whatever the groups feels like. Children will quickly try out all sorts of jumping on this ona and a rhythm for clapping along is also easy found.
You can find inspiration and examples on which indeed has 24 hours with just this song and many happy people dancing to it. (my favorites are the not so young ladies at 11:36 AM)
As you see, nobody needs hours of rehearsing to get going on these pieces of music. The import thing is to be in contact and to enjoy the dance and playing together J.

A quote from one of the Argentine mothers in our Mother Center here might also inspire you. When she first heared the music she said: "Well, it really is quite simple. We start on the floor, then slowly we move up and together we just swing out all of our sadness"

That is exactly the spirit! We wish you a lot of joy and success in dancing.

If you make pictures or videos that will surely cheer up the mine website.

Kind greetings from Argentina from your Renate Stein