What are Mother Centers

Mother Centers are self-managed public spaces in the neighborhood, where mothers and their children meet on a daily basis. The atmosphere is informal. You join by having a cup of coffee in the coffee shop or by a visit to the Mother Center second hand store. Childcare is offered on a drop-in basis for all ages throughout the opening hours of the center. Mother Centers are based on participation.Their motto is that “everybody is good at at least one thing – that they can contribute”.


   Mother Centers are places where mothers can:

  • relax-focus on their needs and interests

  • exchange knowledge and experiences with peers

  • receive personal support-take or give courses and trainings (language, music, computer courses, job trainings)

  • initiate projects and family services like childcare, eldercare, hot meals, healthcare, laundry, repair or household services


 In Mother Centers women are supported to:

  • Join forces to improve the life of their families and communities

  • Unite with mothers from different social and cultural backgrounds

  • Create a culture of friendship and mutual support

  • Enrich neighborhoods and support social cohesion

  • Claim public space and acknowledge everyday life experience as expertise

  • Regain confidence and recognize their assets

  • Participate in policy making and local governance

  • Fight poverty and social exclusion

  • Enhance the recognition of motherhood in society