Mine e.V. annual membership meeting

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Dear Mother Centers Activists, mine members

Friends and Supporters,

We are grateful that the Bavarian Network took the lead in organizing a network meeting and  the annual meeting of mine e.V.

Mother Centers International Network meeting
Friday 10.06. / 18.00 h till Sunday 12.06.2016 / 14.00 h
in Munich Germany.

The mine e.V. annual membership meeting Saturday 11.06.2016 at 16 h till 18 h same place.

There will be elections for the new board and you are mostly invited to get active.
If you are unable to come personal please write only few words for your presentation and your wish to be activ in the new board and send it to: steinrenate@gmx.net
You will find the agenda in the appendix


Proposal  and Contribution for  the Agenda from different Countries:

Circle of sharing: 
Statements from the countries, own experiences, own perception in the centers.

German Networks:
The wish is to talk about the crises in Europe and  the global crises.  Deepen what the role of Mother Centers could be to include and give space for Refugee Women and Families.

Andrea from Germany would like to share about her one year learning experience in a course at the Schumacher College in England and with the Gross National Happiness Center in Bhutan and how it relates to MC.

Family life in Argentina and  Brasil:
“In consideration of the worldwide warlike situation, not only with weapons,we find it for an international "motherly" network like mine is, important to include time for this discussion. "Care for one world"

MC Meeting in Buenos Aires October 2016

South America/ Europe MC Study Manu will share it.
Please, not hesitates to give your contribution.

Take this opportunity and come!

Warm greetings from the Preparation Group


Andrea Laux

Mine chair

Stuttgart Germany